"Sexual violence against men in the context of war and displacement"

We are currently conducting a questionnaire study on the topic of "Sexual violence against men in the context of war and displacement". Here we briefly present the study.

From previous studies on this topic, we already know which forms of violence exist, which persons are often involved under which motives, and what consequences can arise for those affected. Mostly, this knowledge was gathered with the help of interviews or group discussions with victims or witnesses.

In this questionnaire study, we use this knowledge and want to expand it further. For this purpose, we have developed a questionnaire on the topic together with affected men. Through the written survey of a larger number of men affected, we would like to find out, among other things:

  • Which experiences of violence did the male survivors in Germany experience frequently?
  • Which consequences does sexual violence often entail?
  • In which ways do survivors deal with their experiences of violence in everyday life?
  • What reasons do survivors give for disclosing or concealing their experiences?

By collecting the knowledge and experiences of a larger number of male survivors, we can make qualified statements about which support services should be provided and expanded.

If you yourself are a survivor of sexualised violence in the context of war or displacement, we ask you to take part in the survey. Answering the questions will take about 30 minutes. Participation is, of course, anonymous.

Questionnaire study  

In a current study, we want to learn more about the topic of "Sexual violence against men in the context of war and displacement". For this purpose, we have designed a questionnaire that you can fill out as a person affected. 

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There is also the possibility to do an interview with us on the topic of sexualised violence against men. If you are affected yourself and would like to tell someone about your experiences, you can contact us. We will then give you additional information and try to find an appointment for an interview in a timely manner. Please note that we cannot offer counselling or therapy afterwards.

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